Wedding dress sense

Unique opportunites wedding photography styles

New respect for individuality and fashion will not be satisfied with the ordinary wedding photography, respond to the market development of self-driving tour for their wedding photos, unique in the industry, welcomed by young people.
Wedding photography is a highly competitive industry, want to stand out and get rid of the low level of price competition, it must strengthen its has its own exclusive stunt. Once the inventive, avoid competition in the Studio, with opportunites to create exclusive products. Only grasp the customer needs, can always grasp the market initiatives.
Age of individuality, most crashes wedding photography is no exception, how to more personal? Photographer once considered the most personality. Are self-driving tour--organizations, new people with a wedding trip, traveling at the same time, accompanied by professional photographers take pictures. Relying on the idea, his wedding photography studio very well.
Hiking guests inspired
Once the body is from the Northeast, shop before Studio photographer in Changchun, Beijing and other places. In 2004, he followed a friend to visit Chongqing, accidentally discovered the private Studio of Chongqing also went blank at the time, which he had to stay in Chongqing business idea.
At this juncture, a "donkey" newcomers come, tired of grinning for the camera in the Studio, they hoped that once the body able to take wedding photo tour to help a donkey. Once felt finding breakthrough strategies – take wedding photo along the way. Background of scenic places are everywhere, not only is full of creative, busy urban white-collar workers, honeymoon with taking pictures at the same time also saves time, temptation is huge.
Honeymoon Wedding synchronized
Wedding route a lot of learning. At present, wedding photography travel destinations, tourist hot, such as Lijiang, Sanya, Jiuzhaigou, and other places. The scenery a great place, but it is often crowded and expensive, light air tickets will have thousands of back and forth.
Some thought, he takes the form of a self-driving tour, specifically chosen to beautiful scenery and quiet place. On the way, he is inventive, early on after the customer without any expense, not only food and shelter all by photographers, makeup artists, clothing with care, and shooting films all present.
Once launched the first travel photo line is the 5th tour in Western Sichuan, the schedule is covered such as Wassily Kandinsky, xinduqiao, tagong. In West Sichuan area with grassland, lakes, rivers, and colorful style, and due to the geographical and climatic reasons, walking is often different in ten days. Night Studio family hotel run by ethnic minorities for the couple carefully selected accommodation, not only save costs, but also to experience ethnic customs.
Group travel decreased rates
Photo shoot of this novel not only attracts many couples, even those couples married for many years, were disturbing the itching, rushes the trend.
In order to reduce costs, once the body then recruit group fight, in order to guarantee the quality of service, each up to 3, commuted down 5th tour in Western Sichuan, couples spend more than 8,000 yuan each will make the honeymoon and wedding simultaneously. In order to take care of urban white-collar workers, working hours, once the body has also launched a weekend day trips in jinyun mountain, surrounded by mountains, thousands of wild grass field, such as a two-day tour short, the lowest price of just more than 2000 Yuan.
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