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Common style wedding photo shoot

There are many wedding shooting style, choose according to their personality to suit your style of shooting, today in a little make up and we know there are several styles of wedding photography:
First wedding photography style: times
Meet the fashion style of the wind if brides want their wedding photos, full of times, you can choose this style, such as popular Olympic wedding "and" China Red "
Second wedding photography style: romantic
Dependent, lang I, full of tender style. Brides and grooms can interact more lenses, like kissing, cuddling and holding hands, compare this style can create a warm and loving atmosphere.
The third style of wedding photography:
Story style similar to movie close-ups. Strong Memorial, photo link up, speaking out was a beautiful story.
The fourth wedding photography style: retro
Chinese and foreign classic or retro style. Wedding photos have a feeling of old movies, great flavor and texture.
Fifth wedding photography style: natural
New dress casual, natural, authentic and free and easy. The bride and groom can depend on couples serving as love photo.
The sixth wedding photography style: simple
Simple colors. Subject-focused style. The bride and groom's demeanor and actions are very prominent, featured flavors. Compared to highlight appearance and temperament.
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