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Winter wedding three

Winter is coming, bride-to-be to choose this time married, wedding &s=t&chno=7 "> wedding photos is a big problem. Cold weather prevented the beautiful exteriors of the opportunities for us, what can you do? Following three wedding guests in the winter, see you for what!
1, tropical wedding tent, moving is not "frozen" one
Many studios are on location of base, solves the problem of not on location in winter JMS. Especially popular around the world of the ocean theme wedding photography, let in the warm Studio you can feel the warm atmosphere of romantic, delicate flowers, green tropical plants, chic bamboo, gurgling water, fulfill your romantic wedding dreams.
2, South honeymoon wedding both
Destination weddings are now young men, especially our generation has a new option. Winter wedding worries you, you can choose to get married. Sanya, Hainan was a good choice at this time, now not as hot as summer, shooting light enough, so sea-perfect combination of nature and man, not leave United States travel at this time why don't you take advantage of it?
Snow 3, dress, ultimate
If you want to challenge the limit of cold at an outdoor wedding, Oh well. Harbin city, especially to romantic, while snow and ice crystal in the sky, a symbol of your love more pure and Holy. Bride wedding dress matching fur shawl, made rich and magnificent results. But beware, snow sure to keep warm. Especially from indoor to outdoor, outside the clothing must be added, not for a long time, staring at the snow look, or the eye is too much.
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