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Wedding need to produce a marriage certificate?

Wedding do I need to produce a marriage certificate? Listen to Lady Yang's experience.
Wedding Photo Studio explains wedding coupons only available to couples and another single coupon is for personal use.
Some time ago, Yang enjoyed a ** wedding photography vouchers. "My friend says, this coupon is especially for married women and older people. "Young women think just qualified, holding coupons ready to Studio photos.
Photos not, Miss Yang was not happy. Originally, the staff said, to take pictures with this coupon must come with man, and also produced a marriage certificate.
"I have more than 30 years old, have been married for so many years, I can see. "Yang said that she felt no need to produce a marriage certificate, but Zi wedding photography company is not a law enforcement agency, not qualified to look into her marriage certificate, it's personal.
After the two sides at loggerheads, Miss Yang angrily left the wedding photography company. She said the wedding company simply fooled them, which also provide a marriage certificate for the camera, first heard about. Infuriated, she tore off the coupons, photographs are not taken.
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