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Perhaps many marriage JMS has such doubts, even in severe cases, fears of more or less on the wedding. Worry that not enough is known about? Fear of cheating? Do not know how to choose is what we most want, once in a lifetime want memories? "New: (⊙ o ⊙) Yes ~ ~"
For the wedding, existed that some Studio work room or Studio Studio is better than say, after all, according to the needs of different people value different focus on different natural selection, satisfaction is not the same. Many couples may not have the time to compare, or East West are unable to figure out what kind of effect they want.
This is because most of the newcomers have no Studio and studied at the Studio of, of course, also the final shoot out results not to regret, now, let China buy online wedding channel for all new careful analysis of the two different, solve problems for you ~ (@ ^ @) ~
Round style PK
Wedding photo studio style towards tradition, custom, modular. Studio Photography with style, even line of shooting programs, but those photographers, stylists are experienced, they know what angle, what posture the result looks better, works out will not be letting consumers down. Wanted to take the traditional photos of friends, you can choose to have the strength of Studio no stubble. And now, with the meet the needs of people, Studio style has gradually diversified, new available options won't be limited to mundane style.
Studio style, is more beautiful, lively and creative. Studio personalities, and for ideas, people with higher requirements. Studios also cannot completely rely on the photographer, or to some of his ideas to take your stuff. And communication is important for photographers. But you can also take part in post-production, which is the normal Studio there.
Round 2     costume PK
Wedding Photo Studio big names, high upfront costs, clothing and more sets. Clothing into the VIP area, high-end, mid-range and low-end area. Affordable wedding dresses may be bad or old style, but upscale wedding, need more money, pay 200 Yuan to 500 yuan each document. Most Studios out of package of the brand, including clothing optional, no VIP area, you may wish to choose a reference factor.
Wedding Photography Studio, itself a small choice of their less channels than the Studio, from Paris, Taiwan and the United States full of fashion's leading places to purchase fashion wedding dress. Wedding Photography Studio wedding is relatively small, but updates more quickly, often updated part of the wedding or even more than 10 days a month to keep the fashion wedding photography needs. Studio guests are advised to bring their own clothes more generally, promote the individual and for their most important.
Round scale real PK
Wedding Photo Studio has the absolute advantage in this regard, photographing interior facilities, most studios have their own investment in good shooting for the construction of interiors, independent production and maintenance of ancillary products, staff have professional management team. It also gives people peace of mind.
Studio relative weak in this regard, staff team relatively free, the Studio's advantage is mainly reflected in location shooting on the custom.
Round 4    makeup PK
Wedding Photo Studio technology, a higher standard. But traditional bride's makeup in the Studio were lack of personality and character. In addition, the ampoule is provided by many studios now charging 100/bottle, bought ten or twenty Yuan while the same product market. Want to bring your own bottle shop and will not be allowed. In addition, the Studio has more than one makeup artist, is also mixed. If you choose a large Studio, you must do your homework, know what make-up technology. And at the request of picture day schedule, after all, you are God.
Photography Studio without considering they use bottle to make you money, they may advise you to buy bottles, or give free bottles you use directly. But their makeup techniques and Studio Professional with therapists and stylists are still backward. But fewer customers, one-on-one service, so service was definitely better than the Studio, there will be no mass, and now Studio makeup artist in the Studio did, some are very professional.
Round 5   PK
Wedding Photo Studio: post-production both Studio and the Studio is usually a form template software, pipeline operations. General brand Studio post-production is done by professionals. However, does not rule out some Xiaoying floor of post staff varies greatly, even some just after the birth of short-term training, lack of Art Foundation, lacking even the technical basis. So we choose Studio should also pay attention to choose the brand's large Studio, Studio in its service will be stronger than Xiaoying building lot.
Studio: If the relationship between you and the photographer is well mixed, and he will give you a good fix. Photographer's film should be taken by themselves to make up for the shortage. Because the shooting happened when only the photographer knows best. Now, most photographers lack of computer literacy, and is very dependent on the camera, camera is hardly any effect they are going to work. Other new generation of photographers, photography double major by a computer, but probably not suited to commercial operation, easily to the subject regardless of the customer's ideas.
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