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Xiao Tao told you today new people buying wedding photos are exactly what are the benefits?
1. Wedding price: cases of the same product, same quality, product due to buy lowest price. (Because we are an appraisal of the market price and then set out wedding packages)
2. Guarantee: buy products through our carefully selected brands, service suppliers and Chinese group-buying advantage online double service, at the same time due to the purchase of large, more conducive to the maintenance of the rights and interests of members. (The brands we work with businesses in Guangzhou merchants such as: Gold ladies wedding dresses, celebrity wedding dresses, colored wedding dresses, wedding photography, Paris, etc)
3. Save money, save time, worry: through group purchasing, you can in the shortest possible period of time to understand the many wedding photo studio in Guangzhou package price and Studio filming style and other characteristics, as long as your text message, a phone call, an email, or even your QQ as a souvenir, our group customer service staff will help you solve the problems you want to consult.
Members: Chinese group-buying online is a communication platform, a purchasing consultant, consumer guards. Through group buying online, members can exchange money, but also through Web sites and businesses to conduct transactions, enjoy group rates at the same time, access to consumer security.
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