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Magic weapon to shoot the wedding to save money in six

How to save money when wedding photo, and Xiao Tao taught you to shoot the wedding to save money in six major gems:
1. Do not blindly worship
3000 set of wedding pictures for consumers may be a larger payout, but for brand-name shops, it may be cheaper in the store a set of photographs. Brand-name stores every day for at least a couple during the filming of the wedding of more than 10,000 yuan. If the guests are three, then 3,000 sets of consumers is just the last guest, may become the most ignored by their customers.
2. Develop consumer budget, choose the most suitable package-
Before you determine you want to package, it is best to ask what you would like to book shoot sets of clothing optional areas where. General brand has a lot of beautiful wedding dresses in the bridal shop, but sanliujiudeng, their posing store wedding dress is the most beautiful, but it's probably shot 10,000 yuan a set of wedding pictures to choose wedding dress. Do you want to choose alternative clothing range is what, it is best to first understand, look at this range, there is no love in style. If not, I suggest you change, or you in other regions to choose from plus money. All well after the selected time (preferably a cool morning, filming interior locations, good weather is very important, and for a long time, the best starting from the morning, otherwise as the shooting time is too long, can cause physical fatigue)
3. Try not to do in the wedding photo studio and beauty
Large photo Salon provides beauty services, but services and skin care products prices are much higher than a beauty salon. Recommended that new photographs to professional beauty salons beauty or self care at home, this can save a huge amount of overhead.
4. Makeup not satisfactory can be as heavy.
Wedding photos are once in a lifetime, makeup artists maybe chest is a "Chief makeup artist" sign, don't be intimidated by this, instead, a makeup artist you will find that everyone is Chief make-up artist. Makeup you may make your request before, wrong, then you can request a change of make-up artists.
5. Do not add money for fancy dress
Before the photo, fashion stylists often will recommend to the new high-end clothing, clothing here is paid for separately is required to wear, is expensive in General.
Never mind how much money others, clothing is not the most important, the key lies in the photographer's shot level. Also, each outfit was designed beforehand best for shooting action, therefore, whether wearing apparel that can produce the best results.
6. Rational choice Photo
Selected samples are most prone to spending overruns in the late part. At the time of booking package, Studio staff will tell you when this photo was taken of the actual shooting number and later optional rostered quantity (such as the actual shooting 200, but it can only elect 40 album), other photos if you like you can add money to buy it. See, if one takes 40 to buy, 200-40=160, you have to spend of 6400 Yuan. The price you can do two or three sets of photos.
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