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2010 wedding photo studio and the Studio can keep pace

Shoot wedding photography you prefer luxury decoration, warm and upscale service Studio Photography is also keen on civilian benefits, rich creative studio space? Looking ahead to 2010, wedding photography market Studio and Studio still will face alongside the situation?
It is understood that the wedding photo studio first entered the market, has a history of more than 10 years. Since 2000, Taipei wedding photo studio such as brides, for ever and ever more of its luxurious decoration and the overwhelming promotion opened up the wedding photography market, down was made popular a few years. The jungle, after 2005, Taipei bride, Mrs King, old Photography Studio out of the Studio, such as bad of the siege, become a leader in the wedding photo studio in the city. After 2005, with the maturing of the wedding photography market, film technology elite are out of the building on their own, affordable, creative to chew out a wedding photography studio or photo agencies. After 2 years of shuffle, Studio features a number of low-cost, rapid growth and development, and achievement scale was transformed into a Studio.
Two pieces of cake are consumer
Tori and her husband was $literal, got married in a famous photo studio shooting a nearly 4000 Yuan worth of wedding photos, elaborate makeup and film props and luxurious interior backgrounds, cool your gas of clothing with her wedding dreams. "Although our prices than Studio and expensive products are also very popular, but as busy busy with family many of us. "Besides like like her Photo Studio full service customer, a young marriage to 85 after the main force were also hold up the sky Wedding Photography Studio. "One-to-one service, no retail sales as a sign of luxury, is fanciful, creative photographer for you, although the couple invested more time thinking, communicating, but unique Chen Pin, cool cool, only a book of their own is the reason why we chose Studio. "Shoot out a black wedding dress new millet is to support a member of wedding photography Studio. Consumer is the market direction. In an interview, the reporter learned from the many new couples, whether large-scale Studio and style Studio, accepting ability of young consumers have their own market share.
Alongside Studio Studio
Studio and Studio, their eyes in 2010 but what is it all about? Old photographer of atian told reporter, shooting a meimei of wedding is each pair new of wishes, Studio by gives of fine finished, and high-end luxury background are for this all overweight, Studio in short time within not from wedding photography territories in the disappeared, but due to rise of work room just meet has new consumption crowd of personality hobby, this makes consolidation has some market share will is Studio in this years within competition of target one of.
Sam opened a Photo Studio, he admits that wedding photography studio next year, the road ahead is not easy. He told reporters that from the opening date has been 1 year of time, Studio to open up the market, brand and reputation, profits still cannot be compared with the Studio into spending. But he thought Wedding Photography Studio does not get sufficient takeoff. "To tell the truth, from the competition, small studios operate well easily on their own, cannot afford much of a wave. Style personalization works is its venture capital, is currently the product pattern Studio does not have. "Sam said with emotion.
Looking ahead to 2010, although there have been press style unfitted for marriage next year will greatly affect the wedding photography market in Shanghai. But reporters in the interview that, both Studio and the Studio is still on the market this year makes a bold prediction and planning. In addition to conventional holiday promotions, many studios have reality markets began to attack the networks market, also create line of photographers to start, tough reforms, hoping to develop the selling point of Chen style, individuality. As a Studio, continue leading Chen style, personalized product highlights, winning, pioneering a buyer's market is the direction of its 2010.
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