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Wedding photography lenses essential--color contact lenses

Many brides before wedding photography shooting to buy a pair of contact lenses, usually black or brown. Shoot out is said to be very good, glasses are big and juicy.
Why wedding photography to wear colored contact lenses, hear what netizens say:
User ice cream: cosmetic eye contours deepened after the expansion, eyes will seem small. With lenses to enlarge eyes, coordination.
Online rabbit: my wife is a high myopia, take wedding photo not wearing "rolling beam", but without his glasses, and blurred vision can affect the eyes, facial expression, so he decided to specifically buy a pair of contact lenses. Buy clerk heard is marriage followed, would recommend to buy a black colour, said the shoot better, a lot of people are buying, and a little thicker than ordinary contact lenses, convenient for the man who has never hidden.
Online fart pig: wearing lenses, eye contrast strong, black and white eyes, it's clear better.
User Gu-honey: art tried before without glasses, but the effect is not good, because the eye cannot focus, trance. And because the glasses for a long time, eyes seem a bit deformed, strangely.
Online surplus baby: take wedding photo when I bought colored contact lenses, is said to be improving a little deformation of the eyeball. Selection when the effect is really great. Not only eyes get bigger, and strange feeling is gone.
Wedding photography lenses Note:
A: it is recommended that don't use colored contact lenses when shooting in the Studio, on location wedding and then put on because, under normal circumstances, people's eyes in the presence of light, there will be a bright spot, especially when shooting in the Studio, there will be a few lights shining new, and it will take a lot of close-up photos. If wearing colored contact lenses, especially the black color will affect the eye reflection, the highlights will still make up, her eyes looked a little sluggish, leave. Some close-up shots of the effect will be very poor. Location, and use of natural light, glasses for light reflection point will weaken, and on-location wedding much between man and landscape, not too many reaction shots. Wearing lenses are useless problems.
Second: to make it feel natural, you can select the color brown. Brown is the closest to our IRIS color (that is, three layers of the cornea. cornea. anterior Chamber. Iris, posterior Chamber lens ... ...) It is the third layer in our cornea. aqueous cover-up so carefully to see are hard to tell apart! Brown is the best candidate. MM with grey lenses, more natural.
Three: select have lenses with contact lens brand, easier to adapt lenses to be a little thicker than ordinary contact lenses. So you might need some time to get used to wear the feel of it. All products of the same brand has its closest to the property, if you have a favorite brand of contact lenses, buy lenses can also think about them. This can help you reduce the adaptation period.
Four: carry eye drops to go with lenses carry eye drops, in case of eye to enter the time, you can rinse under to ensure eye health. Recommends wearing eye bottle run in the body, which can be used as a lens cleaning. In dry eyes can also drop two drops of water keep lenses, look more attractive. Because of tear secretion in a certain environment is not the water needed to fill the lens, eye so I had to run to provide water, this also depends on the degree of dry weather on the day.
Five: eyes sensitive eyes with caution if you are sensitive, eyeliner and false eyelashes easier to allergies, it is best not to wear lenses, otherwise it is easy to make a "rabbit eye", greatly influences the quality of photos.
Six: don't buy too large area color lenses. Despite the tide color contact lenses are, but we also need to note that it does have a lot of problems there. Color contact lenses are in ordinary contact lenses lenses and color plated, in the ultrastructure of reticular structures, plated color will block some of the vents lens blocking eye Exchange with oxygen and moisture in the air, thus reducing the oxygen permeability of the lens. Wedding usually all day, wearing contact lenses all day long, if the oxygen permeability rate is too poor, have damage to their eyes. It is recommended to buy colored area of small lenses.
Seven: buy branded lenses contact lenses are covered directly on the cornea, the cornea is very delicate. In case of wearing poor-quality lenses and corneal injury, that you regret it. It is recommended that couples go to a regular store to buy lenses. Quality, aftermarket is guaranteed.
When it comes to brands, cosmetic Johnson from first said we are most familiar with. In addition to the first black Central-Ai Shan, Johnson introduced Yan yan and dazzle shine in two new lenses, compared with the Ai Shan, more natural colors. Shiny Golden dazzle shine you are lively Brown eyes appear bigger and more shiny. Think this is recent bride style. Let us look at the three lenses of contrast.
In addition to Johnson, a Korea lenses do more, such as Korea GEO water itself has a unique water pattern, brought up the effect of the water sparkling, very likable, and feeling is not the same at different series and color, most popular GEO AngelColor water gold coffee, a lot of people say like this color. There NEO giant eyes are all good choices.
Saw the introduction of so many, you want to buy a pair of lenses for your wedding color luster? If you have never worn contact lenses, be sure to check out teaching of contact lenses wear.
1: take the lenses out, put it on the index finger of his right hand, view side (Bowl-shaped heads, saucer-shaped tails, make no mistake).
2:3 other fingers of the right hand (thumb) pull down the cheek (mainly the middle and ring fingers)
3: left hand lift eyelids, keep second and third step of action, close to the mirror.
4: eyes look down a little bit, without looking down Oh!
5: index finger gently into the eyes (the eyes still look down), take your index finger of 2-3 seconds (after 3 seconds to exclude air bubbles).
6: close your eyes, gently turning eye, then open OK Lor.
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