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How to take a new photo

A good photographer who carefully analyze these guests, this new generation they were born in the 80 's. Received education, the social environment and self-cultivation, culture, aesthetics, and so on. A few years ago, the couple have made a big difference. While our photographers are seldom aware of these, but buried the shutter in a Studio, ignore these important elements. "Individualism" is dominated by self. Popular elements in their own way for further processing.
For wedding photography. Need more integration of personality and humanistic embodiment of joining their feelings and love, which is not taken over the years of emotional and loving "intimate", "romantic" shooting mode that can be included. Specifically, this generation of someone you love, dating, and even is a far different hand movements are used, we must understand their preferences as a photographer and expressions. They use different ways independently. Personality and emotions. Photo record by more personalized, more human. Record a larger truth of their love.
Based on these factors. Began to take the wedding photograph. I refocused before shooting out of the programme, background using the design of the "cable card" picturesque scenery, style European one. Injected some European elements in the design concept. In order to solve the Studio area is small, covers an area of and put the real cost issue, background I designed several bathrooms and bath, in order to make the picture more life. Avoid saturated colors appear on the screen in the background. Style control in thick atmosphere between rhyme mood with light painting. Background design from the beginning, I have to set and control the lighting of the picture, in order to take out pictures from a more cohesive on the photosynthetic efficiency, that is. In the background at the same time, I have identified this background in shooting and lighting method.
Filming style and scene control is the focus of this group photograph. Is this photo shoot concept of positioning. Should have an irrepressible youthful passion, but also quiet and reserved, only understand the mentality of modern new, hold the pulse of the concept. To create new fashion trends. In 35 years to set 25 years in fashion, how can you lead? before this shoot, read the transcript of my wedding guests. Through an analysis of the new attitude, aesthetic was determined using "photo wedding" concept for filming.
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