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Korean style wedding shoot

Han-style wedding style as fresh and elegant style, relaxed and happy people. Now many couples choose Korean style wedding photo shoot, how to take beautiful Korean wedding and see it along with the small series.
1 background: Classic style multiple selection of gradients and patterns elegant wallpaper or tie-dyed cloth in the background, such as Brown, Brown, lavender, natural background or imitation of the style of choose life location digital backgrounds, background colors and bright.
2 stances: on static beauty in elegant, restrained, elegant movement, such as hair and skirts agitates.
3 makeup: Korean makeup natural delicacy, best in a uniform color on the makeup, face makeup not too dense. Almost powder makeup is available in three colors by the end of the background colour decorated face, creating stereo faces. Characteristics of Korean style is mainly reflected in head shape, the use of: Peng, twisting, weaving techniques, often with wide and Crown hair clip bangs and big flower head of credit cards.
4 colors: colors generally have higher harmonic low profile in two ways. Predominantly white screen in a high profile, low-key picture dominated by Brown.
5 costume: General, Korean wedding dresses (good vertical sense, flowing lines), Korean fashion clothes (color refreshing, simple styles) or ancient court hanbok (delicate and elegant). Traditional Korea dress mostly waist with special tightening in the chest, chest down, for the hidden women of figure flaws. Now favored by Studio Korean wedding fabrics luxurious, inlaid with pearls, ornaments on the wedding, but the style is not complicated, preferably with a long tail.
6 light: the use of light and the charm of the characters portrayed are particularly exquisite. General use of lamp light, and stressed that the characters face and outlines the shape of the characters, stressed the icing figures and screen space.
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