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When is the best time to take wedding pictures

Many newcomers will wonder when's the best time to shoot the wedding, this is a serious problem. Why, because you want to see when is the bride and groom's wedding.
Studio wedding photos, generally speaking you want to want to provide some wedding invitations, posters or something to your wedding, so the wedding is before the wedding. How much in advance should I? if starting from scratch, choose Photo Studio to take some time, if the mm that can choose a half-of excellence too, this is pretty much like buying a House, buying a House is not looking real estate, too?
Photo itself as long as a two days (unless to is far of place took location Ah, what begging force mazzarò like of, that can on day back not to's); selected tablets and take tablets also not too took, the one day certainly enough has, main is middle will has waiting for making of time, that will compared long, to wants to not so tension, not so on, best at least in wedding zhiqian three months on prepared took wedding.
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