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New how to visit the wedding photo Studio?

Many newcomers should be prepared before marriage, will visit several wedding photography House, solve the wedding event. Today for all high speed pick their favorite wedding photography building, small series teach new people how to visit the wedding photo Studio? If your time is limited, it may be directly to the wedding channel line, to help you save money and peace of mind.
1) placed outside the wedding dress for you to wear at all, if you want to wear is much more money.
2) don't just look at the photo album, to be concerned about the style of the album itself, ask different kinds of photo album size, grade, page, pick your favorite, ask the price. To know these inside the package is moisture a lot of things.
Wedding Photo Studio
3) look hanging in the shop zoom, picture frames, textures, typographic design, and ask you want to choose your own name and price, when bargaining with them at the time.
4) at Studio provides photo, need not envy others beautiful models completely, knowing that every bride is the most beautiful pictures of accessories to the ~ key to see the, face makeup, backgrounds, designs and styles, your appetite is the best ~
Wedding Photo Studio
5) If this is the first time in the Studio consulting, simply consult the package well, pay the deposit do not an impulse! Studio of the deposit is not returned. Don't believe their concessionary period, that offer every day, even in the absence of or talk down!
6) it is important is to compare a sincere, calm and steady, not seem at a loss. Sincerely expressed interest in a plan to be back with my family to discuss today couldn't decide, but likely will take in the near future ... ... To know the Studio is more fierce competition, consulting for a long time can not settle down, fight a lot, how can happy, happy to leave, the bride's State of mind is very important.
Wedding Photo Studio
7) when you shop around, you can ask to have reservations from the other to say, as a bargaining chip. Why retain it? For example, a Studio that we give you a 30-inch oil painting; b Studio the same price as long as 24 inches. Don't I'm just saying a 30-inch, I'm 30! Observe carefully how, perhaps finally b to 50 inches!
Wedding Photo Studio
8) observe the Studio not only image quality and technology, but also his sense of business and service. If holiday visits, you are the only guest, it is to be vigilant. Paradoxically, fear on the one hand, on the other hand this store would be a little less guest shops Kissinger ... ... Also see who greets you, dress and talk like him/her. The wedding, is a happy, happy ending, if you start keeping your heart sad, how can I do? If you find a Studio does not pay attention to customer service, only soliciting bragging, it is run now, late must have a pitcher of drink!
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