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Suzhou baoli wedding photography was established in 2005, has a business area of more than 2000 square meters, after experiencing market incentives and refining exams, has gone through six years of the spring and Autumn period. Five years of trials and hardships, has always been in the wedding industry's cutting-edge fashion, Department of company's Marketing Department, makeup, dress, photography, digital, Administrative Department, human resources department, customer service department, and other departments. Since its opening, always adhering to the Suzhou Polaroid wedding photography wedding photography, wedding photography studio in Suzhou, Suzhou wedding photo, wedding photography, Suzhou, Suzhou personality any good, Suzhou Suzhou best personalized wedding photography, wedding photography, "man with a grateful heart, doing business with love" business philosophy, continuous innovation and progress, of offering the highest quality services for all.

love myth is we a dream, in this dream in, I hope adhere to photography of nature, and guest common created has value of art, real important of service quality, let customer can has better and memorable of experience, I hope love myth can outstanding, became constantly beyond himself of new of began, became guest heart of first, became subsection bit employees of pride and whole industry quality of benchmark.

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