Talent recruitment

image later the Digital Division (5) late in the wedding dress photo, portrait photo color, revising and typesetting;
One year related work experience, have a large Studio or well-known photographic studio work experience is preferred;
Be familiar with Photoshop software, has the fashion sense of color and aesthetic;
Work with carefulness, strictness, hard working, have good communication skills.
Makeup stylist (5 persons) responsible for customer's makeup, styling, with the makeup work;
One year related work experience, there is a large Studio or well-known photographic studio experience is a plus;
Have a solid makeup Foundation, stylish and elegant, to the customer varies with the characteristics of the overall shape;
Careful, rigorous work, customer friendliness and courtesy, have good communication skills.
Photography assistants (5) assist the photographer to finish filming;
Love photography, have a certain knowledge of photography;
Good learning ability, a strong sense of self-renewal;
Enthusiastic, careful, rigorous work, with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;
Hard working, diligent and practical, can adapt to a more intense work, team player;
Studio experience, familiar with Guangzhou, the wedding location line, c driver's license two years driving experience is preferred.
Retail marketing wedding photography (5 persons), responsible for sales of imaging products;
20 to 30 years old, female;
Major in marketing, high school or secondary school or higher education;
Cute, smile often, hard working, strong ability to develop;
Hotel service or wedding stores more than 1 years related work experience preferred;
Features elegant, excellent image quality.

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