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Look, it was a group of shikumen architecture, brick walls that year, when Watts, retains the old Shanghai history and culture; inside, it is a growing country, according to the 21st century modern urban way of life, the pace of life, emotional world, consumer experience tailor-made, all reflect a casual ambience and style.
"The 21st century will see original shikumen, Shanghai. "Eight years ago, when Hong Kong Shui on group of shikumen architectural transformation of philosophy," to change their living function, give it a new commercially viable, century-old stone gate of the old city, into a new world full of vitality ", some experts concerned predicted. However, in 2001, a man named "Shanghai Xintiandi" Huaihai Zhong Road business district, the birth place of people stopped the questioning, speculation, and even against, is reported by curiosity, admiration and even imitate.
Yes, Shanghai Xintiandi has rewritten the history of shikumen, shikumen is moving towards a historical relics has injected new vitality. When walking in the new heaven and Earth, as if back in time, back at that time. The brick walkways, the red and green exposed brickwork, the heavy black-painted doors and carved with Baroque-style roll Vortex-like flowers of doorway, making visitors feel in ershishijier、sanshiniandai of Shanghai. However, one into each building, it is very contemporary and stylish. Originally a household wall are all open, render space, four spring-like central air conditioning, along with the East European-style fireplace, sofa, armchair, adjacent, bars, coffee shops and cafes, Chinese harmonious collocation, wall modern oil painting vertical and old gramophones whispered talk host's cultural tastes. Outside is amorous shikumen Lane, is completely modern in lifestyles, in this way, one step, like Kate, I really have the feeling of time travel!
New Horizons has been recognized today for Chinese and foreign visitors a taste of Shanghai history and culture and modern life-form one of the best places and cultural tastes of the local residents and expatriates gathering place.
Wedding photography in Shanghai Bund (Bund)
Bund, and name in the Shandong way, is to Memorial China Democratic Revolution of pioneer Sun Yat-Sen Mr and named of, it North up garden bridge, South arrived Jinling road, full length about 1.5 km, East by with Huangpu River, West is 52 building style different of building, has brother special type, and Baroque type, and Rome type, and classicism type, and Renaissance type, and Western type,, is old Western powers control Shanghai of political, and economic, and culture of Center, from building Shang view, Bund these different period, and Different styles of building construction style is basically unified, overall profile is very coordinated, both as far as the, or wander, can feel the extraordinary momentum of energetic, powerful, majestic, "world architecture Expo" became one of the symbols of Shanghai.
The Bund is a microcosm of the history of Shanghai. Dongfeng Hotel today, used to be a famous Shanghai Club in East Asia, is a typical United Kingdom Gu Huang-style architecture. Bund 12th house antique Greece-style domed structure, was HSBC, built in 1923, and it was called "from the Suez Canal to the Bering Strait in the far East, one of the most luxurious buildings." The liberation of Shanghai, once the seat of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, now due to the needs of the reform and opening up, replacement of large size of the Bund buildings, the Municipal Government has also moved to the new Office, next door topped by the clock tower building of the Shanghai Customs House, built in 1927. Now the peace hotel, was formerly the Sassoon House, is a modern Western-style architecture. Next to the Bank of China building, which was built in 1920. The waibaidu bridge behind the building of the Shanghai Tower, built in 1934, it was called Broadway building. In order to make visitors understand the history of the Bund buildings, has 23 famous building put up nameplates in Chinese and English.
The liberation of Shanghai, the Municipal Government to the large size of the Bund green and three I-strengthening flood prevention wall, height. Into the 90 's, and relocation of the flood wall was completed and integrated transportation reform. Statue of the Riverside green space, Chen Yi, electronic waterfall clock, large wall art sculpture Plaza, River tours and other new attractions, new Bund appear more impressive. Morning, the Bund is a place where people's fitness by day, it is a tourist resort, at night, is the couple's love of heaven and Earth. Whenever the lights when the art floodlights on the Bund buildings place a block of Crystal Palace architecture the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the East Bank of the Huangpu River distance itself, amazed tourists.
Shanghai Nanjing Road pedestrian street of wedding photography
Outsiders say, haven't been to the Nanjing Road, is not to Shanghai. Foreigner says, haven't been to the Nanjing Road is not to China. Known as "China business first street" reputation has become the metropolis of Shanghai on Nanjing Road and consumption, activity center, her past and future effects have a profound impact on Shanghai, China, influence the world one-fifth the fate of humanity. In another 10 years, when we walked in this "Chinese first street", the Nanjing Road in front of us would be like? He will bring surprises and feel how?
Nanjing Road in the future will be "the charm lives on Nanjing Road" under the unified theme was divided into three distinct sections: the Bund to Henan Zhong Lu "marine mood", showing a "romantic", "elegant", "nostalgia" the basic style. Nostalgic Jazz from peace hotel will outgoing Brown building, stylish open bar, abstract sculpture stood in the street lyrics. In a strong comparison of historical and modern, trendy young groups and international visitors in this brand's products can enjoy the unique charm of Nanjing Road.
Nanjing Road in Shanghai is Shanghai's busiest downtown commercial Street, known as "China business first street". Here brought together hundreds of modern commercial buildings, old Chinese shops and special products store, Nanjing Road to become China's largest distribution center of retail and business information center, passenger traffic flows to the Nanjing Road at millions of passengers a day.
At night, the whole Nanjing East road lights shining bright. Nanjing Road, with its magnificent buildings, lined with shops, bustling markets, magnificent night scene without the "China business first street" in the world. In 1999, the "China business first street" into China's first pedestrian street around the clock.
Shanghai wedding photography Riverside Avenue
Riverside Avenue 2500 meters in length, is a tourism, greening, transportation and service infrastructure for one, focusing on urban eco-environment and functions of landscape projects along the Yangtze River. Riverside promenade by the parent level, sloping green, the semi-underground car body and landscape components, such as roads, a 21st century-oriented Eastern on the Bund in Shanghai.
Hydrophilic platform on a rising slope on one side, inlaid flowers, shrubs and green grass, tall trees and dense shrubs creates a away from the large city of ease and rest static environment. Riverside Avenue is also equipped with 21 vent set of wave-century fountain, all transparent scenery Tourist Office, retaining more than 70-year history of the shipyard docks and giant anchor. In addition have been built along the Yangtze River in Shanghai International Conference Center, hotel, like a Seagull flying boat docks in the East and other projects, will be built Marine Aquarium and other projects. Especially at night, in hydrophilic platform people can fence River, overlooking the bright lights in the puxiwaitan elegant buildings and modern skyscrapers in Pudong, is linger on ... ...
Eurasian wedding photography meichuan road, Shanghai leisure Street
Meichuan road Euro-Asia Entertainment Street is located in the Northern business district, building long new town center. 600 meters long, the business area of 50000 square meters, operating project of theme restaurants, Recreation Centre, fitness and beauty, Department stores, clothing, community service. Enterprises now have Magnolia ju Xiang GE barbecue restaurant, Hanlin, Lido nightclub, Typhoon restaurant, UCC coffee, McDonald's, love this code: floral, dingjie study, fulfilling its Euro-Asian popularity and more than more than 100 specialty stores, shops of famous brands. Along the green space, the square, together with the perfect accessory functions such as catering, entertainment, leisure, services, formed in operating characteristics, characteristics, leisure features emerging leisure mall in Shanghai.
Wedding photography of Hengshan Road in Shanghai
If a Bund is Shanghai dream unfolds, Hengshan Road is noisy a carefree garden in Shanghai.
Hengshan Road is a famous French concession Petain road, Xujiahui commercial Center South, fashionable shopping street in the North Huai Hai Lu-is a quiet passage between the two large downtown areas. In a quiet, it shows elegance and calm side of Shanghai in Shanghai. Tall leafy plane trees on both sides, booth cover, add a green layer of hazy veil. Walking in Hengshan Road, visible from time to time the Pavilion you Lin, and bustle of the city, one of Shu.
Hengshan Road along the building, mostly European Garden: grilles doors, recesses are a few storey, unobtrusive high pull. Simple and restrained colours – blue and white, pink and white, green and white; white flowing downs these colors. Jump is vaulted all kinds of balcony and microstrip curved window, showing how much style.
Hengshan's excellent characteristics of culture and leisure. Sang company, paintings and calligraphy, publishing houses, the Xinhua News Agency are all located on this, buy music, books, works of art are a better. Hanging next to Hengshan Road to balance Western imitations of paintings, Renoir, Monet, Seurat, Van Gogh, joyful enlightenment and pleasing to the eye and art world. Hengshan gathered a wide variety of all kinds of bars. Books such as plowing Yuan Shu Xiang tea house, warm and quiet submarine; coffee bars such as MELROSE CAFE,OID TIMES; music such as the Redskin's theme music, jazz Fu furnace ... ... Instantly reveal the real me, preserving memories, not wishful thinking. Food world: Australia's "Shi Dongyan roast", the United States, "Friday", and Japan "Yuan lu sushi" or Thailand, "Thai restaurant", readily available. Hengshan Road, lane 9, 3rd Yang kitchen (YANG#591#S KITCHEN) serves local cuisine in the alley in a quiet building, to fame. W.H. Auden bowling is a good place for sports, International Tennis Center. And Friday is international Chapel, provided open space for unquiet souls reflections, but also young people curious about exploring.
Zhu Jia Jiao bei da Jie of Shanghai wedding photography
North Street, also known as the "first street", is the most complete preservation of the Ming and Qing buildings in suburban Shanghai Street, the two-mile, East of fangsheng bridge, over more than 300 in the West to us week 10, which is the essence of the most representative buildings of Ming and Qing. Here, row upon row of old houses, CI w patchwork, white walls, narrow streets winding streets, stone road winding, and old shops lined on both sides, showing a picture of quaint customs in Jiangnan.
Bei da Jie Cao Hong Kong, backed by the River, beside the fangsheng bridge as early as in the early town, sea transport and yet no corroboration, and merchants, "trade in his town". Tearooms and taverns, North and South, and herding the butcher's and the greatest taste, become a century to flourish long after the oldest commercial centre, having "long Street, shops in the three" of the name. Now Street preservation of centuries-old "Han dalong Jiang Yuan", the stone wall, thecity; century hotel. "Mau Su Museum", old shop new open, fish crab eel, and fresh dining, ranging; also has Shanghai rural maximum of "town old teahouse", along carved Palisades stairs, picked up level and Shang, sanshilai Zhang square table, tea every day packed, this "hatch" environment, and "bubble" time, and "chat" knowledge, and "Kan" changes, taste old teahouse that unique flavor. Some people who live downtown rare traditional craft shops, bamboo baskets, and Kao Lao, cane chairs, barrels ... ... Bamboo utensils, not only a glimpse of the "original" made the whole process before leaving can still take a few pictures, really make people food for thought. Government tenants for tax cuts recently, foreign investment, a Qiang antiques, ceramics, flowers and birds, paintings, souvenirs, arts and crafts, snacks and other shops have opened shop signs waving in the wind, the Red Lantern. People walking in the street, "foot stone, one step at a shop. Head first-day ancient blow. "
North Street has a history of more than 400 years ago, a "triple more than 100,000" legend, stone tablets, sculptures, celebrities down the street, and contains a and their stories, anecdotes, pleasing and attractive. Walk north main street, however, most worth watching is the building, shops, ancient bridges, alleys.
North Street is dubbed "big", actually wide only three or four meters, most narrow at only two meters just, on both sides brick wood small floor, drop eaves almost phase, station in Street, back looked days, saw sky line, to people to "Heaven boundless if has side" of sense, on street residents can push window talk, shook hands congratulated, mutual handed items, like a home people, atmosphere is harmony, constitute "line Street" strange landscape.
Old houses on both sides, cornices, gable ends, front Plaid French Windows, vintage red lacquer line door, revealing a rich elegant atmosphere. In particular, doctors at the former residence of Chen Lianfang, away from the two-story house, with a row of carved railing Gallery plus a bezel inlaid carved eaves, the pattern is chic, carving fine, distinctive, fully reflects the idea of coincidence of the ancient architects. This, three friends five friends, can leaning Street tours King, poetry tea, like time back, from afar, North Street also has two at intriguing of "Yang Bay" and "sedan Bay", to towering houses cutting and into of 90 degrees turn, to people to suspected is to has end at, turn is is another has world, and worth a see of is "Yang Bay" a households houses different, is this street only vintage three layer floor structure, outside see ordinary is, into within is spacious very, again layer Layer winding picked up level and Shang three floor, overlooking Cao Hong Kong river, and released Bridge, Sailing spot, Lake clear, panoramic view.
"The corner (zhujiajiao nickname) does not see the bridge, is equal to the angle do not have to." Walk along north main street from West to East, left, look on the right bridge, is appropriate. First, is the largest free bridge on the outskirts, is simple and dignified, magnificent. Released in the antique arches on the left are springing up to exist side by side. From the middle of the Wu Jia bridge, a small arch between the two sides, high bridge cracks in the pomegranate flowers are in full bloom, moire paved stone stairs, seem to be recounting old legends. "SI Jing", attached to a previous CI Temple "four diamond" moving story. Not long, a seat arched style of Archway head-on bashing to, Shang has brick flower, polished water brick masonry on, for ancient street and added a landscape line, then, a seat Green w put top for shed, wood quality structure mainly of covered bridge broke into eye, whole bridge shaped ancient elegant, exquisitely carved, visitors bud Lane, go wood level, Shang covered bridge, seemed into history gallery. From the temple, a fancy new arch, directly opposite is a beautiful week, allegedly "Manchuria man" lived in this name.
Shanghai duolun road cultural celebrity street of wedding photography
Duolun road is a side street of Hongkou district, Shanghai, length 550 m, North Sichuan Road intersects North-South, left near the Pearl Line 3 line, South of Lu Xun Park, the street is short, road songs and deep, da Jia Jie building, establishment, duolun road show a rich culture of deep historical background.
For more than a century, passed from the time of opening of Shanghai today's metropolis for the sand barge, fishing village until the formation of the vicissitudes of history, described as "a duolun road, Centennial beach." Among them, especially to many famous celebrities of overseas, celebrities have more than more than 30 greatest writers of 20th century China, Lu Xun, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, Shen Yinmo, scholars such as ye Sheng-tao's practice, cast duolun road "Culture Center". While national building style in duolun road has a full set of shows, famous hongdetang, holes in different styles (Xiang City) Palace, white (Chong-XI) residence, soups (enbo) residence, duolun road became the architectural cultureol Shanghai style "open-air museum". Introduced in recent years built a number of museums, galleries, exhibition halls and a wide range of cultural and leisure venues, both folk Tibetan chopstick Museum and Nanjing clock collection Mao Zedong badge Museum, and "old film" Café, celebrity tea house, the root of Sharon and a number of features a bar, teahouse makes life feel "old Shanghai" charm.
Shanghai, Shanghai old street of wedding photography
Shanghai Street, originally called Fang Bang road, West of South Henan Road East Renmin road, 825 meters long, from West to East architectural styles and format layout shows the old Shanghai period of Ming and Qing dynasty to the Republic of China until the influx of Western culture, and a history of cultural evolution. Street business of traditional industries for the mainstream, highlighting the traditional folk culture, creating Shanghai style culture.
Shanghai Street is bounded by Guan Yi Jie is divided into two sections, after the decoration and transformation in the eastern section retained residences feature of the Qing dynasty in early Republic of China, both sides of the street returned to lattice Windows, exhaust doors, handrails, floor rocker fan, together with the roof cornices, lace dripping and Ma Tau wall. West paragraph of housing outside State surface imitation in Ming and Qing dynasties building, highlight Shanghai old town of folk style, Dai w whitewash, red column cornices, Shanghai Street reproduce has Tong Han spring, and old with sheng, and Wu Liangcai, and Wan Youquan, and Qiu Tianbao, and old Shanghai teahouse, and de Shun Wine Museum, and riding high floor, and Shih Tzu tofu room, and Ding Niang child Yenping district today, and rongshun Museum, and Bo yintang, Centennial old shop, while opened Danfeng restaurant, and doctors Hall, rich traditional features of shops. It and the north side of the "Street stars" together to show you the old Shanghai hotel business, urban phenomena one "qingming Riverside".
Shanghai qibao of wedding photography
Qingnian road, qibao old street in the new street area, retro Street Plaza, majestic, magnificent ancient visitors a look mental shake, eyes lit up, it gives rise to a sense of a return to the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Qibao old street Center of the square stands the tall stone arches, stone arches on the front of the powerful "qibao" and negative "song remains" on the sides of the stone arch stones "Strip song rain, lane da Ming clocks. Shi Li Pu XI, blow and hum of the Millennium sing golden rooster. "Street square clock building in the Centre of" boiling water clocks ", written by the famous young calligraphers. Entire qibao inscriptions and couplets and qibao "seven treasures", and the "seven treasures" fuss, to highlight qibao survival value, qibao's natural resources and cultural heritage.
Shanghai history, Mao, Mao, long Mao, Mao is located in zhujiajiao, which Shen Xiang, xicen, Lotus-filled area, now there is only a part of Mao, Mao part near the stone circle of hutang Xie Tang Mao River through Lake, also located in qibao Town South.
Qibao Pu hui Tang Qiao-Centre Street North Street, South Street, a total length of more than 800 meters. Street on both sides of most is two layer floor of antique building, Red Wall Black w, white wood doors and Windows, wood business of shop plate hanging in street door Shang, narrow of street bedding with green brick slate, rough a see, a article real of in Ming and Qing dynasties ancient street vertical in you of before, makes long not out of people has a unit impulse, a unit passion, a copies delight, a copies poetic.
Swim from North Street to South Street, streets did offer a lot of antique wine shops and teahouses snacks, workshop and stores of its century-old shop, qibao boiled mutton, Tsat Po Koji, qibao snacks, shaoxing rice wine, the alcohol drunk.
Most streets of ancient air, taste or "seven treasures market." Into white table, and Deng child of tea room, channeling had slate Pu to of patio, patio of end is a building more than 200 more square meters of old old housing, stepped into the old housing saw old of walls and black of roof, a simple damaged of storytelling Taiwan State in Middle ahead, more than 10 row old long Deng arranged in front, each long Deng of behind has a narrow plank, can put Cup and teapot. I have one with tabloid editors Mr Huang Jianmin three yuan per person to listen to a book this afternoon. Dang you sat in real of in Ming and Qing dynasties building within, enjoy with real in Ming and Qing dynasties market of atmosphere, listening to with Changzhou Pingtan mission one storytelling veteran of clear Palace 13 towards of storytelling, looked around and are is wearing simple of township elderly, they left with purple pot and small porcelain cup water, right hand smoke, easily free, leisurely complacent, good a unit hundreds of years Qian of air, today life in Shanghai big city of people is hard enjoy get such of old in Ming and Qing dynasties atmosphere of. Me on a tour of towns in the South for more than 10 years, or suan sightseeing South town of "expert", as far as the market, the stamp on the "Jiangsu and six town" is not that old, rustic and net gas.
Qibao Town South qibao Millennium same town, Millennium town its thousand years of history and story, with its Millennium folk customs and folk customs. From the possession of gold Lotus Millennium ancient temple in qibao (damaged) to pillow of jade axe 500 Pu hui Tang Qiao (reconstruction), all emitting light of China's long history and culture. Looking more Millennium town dotted with China, has a long history of culture and civilization of modern culture in the history of mankind.
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