Wedding photography shot the Raiders – gestures and eye control

Eye control
1, eyes on the bride's personality traits influence
The saying goes, "the eyes are the Windows to the soul", and only good eye, it is possible to show the inner, Bridal photography, bride character are mainly reserved special, cheerful, Romantic fantasy, and other categories, and each type description needs to control the bride's eyes, then adjusted according to body to complete.
Eye direction of nuance is a demonstration of the different personality traits, this is clever use of eye control, through the eyes of a change, the personalities of the characters also exhibit a wide variety of changes. In through change eyes direction to change beauty attitude effect of when Note: each direction extends of change by performance out of Visual feel does not same, it by corresponds to of such as CD cut size, and props using are has without, in change a people of eyes direction or other details Shi, to note adjustment another people of body direction or other of details makes two a people Zhijian of feel echoed up.
Gaze on the camera slightly downward position, reserved personality traits can be rendered. Eyes look directly at the camera, make people feel that this person is very cheerful, and easy to communicate. Look above the eye from the camera, comparing the features of romantic fantasy bride.
Eyes of direction and face of towards consistent, reflected out of characters charming of side; sight of direction and face turned of direction instead, makes characters is playful cute; was photo who head slightly low, sight at in lens slightly by Shang of location, performance out characters wild outgoing of character traits, shooting this class photos Shi need more note lens focal length of select, should not be had long or had short, or face will produced deformation, seat also to right, General to and eyebrows parallel suitable.
Interfaces with the body posture
Co-ordination between eye and body posture, normally, eyes photos are bust or a close-up scene for live, General view other photos, will pay attention to posture and eye contact with the eyes.
Was photo who of sight to himself of feet see, performance out of is implicit of, and slightly shy of feel, this is a inner mood of performance, so body should be is s type, gravity stable, was photo who of sight to himself Qian below see, eyes seems forward but sight of corner also is backward, such of eyes way often using in double people beauty attitude in the, gravity with eyes direction slightly forward pour, but range and is unlikely to, to performance "to go also left" of effect.
Was photo who of sight to body of positive head out, eyes head Shi General will to views who to is concern with a things of feel, then let was photo who of body to sight direction in more tilt some, face slightly rose one points, on can better of performance out "concern" of effect; was photo who looked up to oblique above see, will to people to looks forward to, vision of Visual feel, to reached picture of Visual balance sense, body slightly backward pour; and sight anti-direction Yang up of arm is used to balance picture of, When you take photos of models to a distance, as far as possible through the beauty of design or background props serve to balance the picture.
Hand posture change
Hand is very difficult to handle in a standing portrait, no experience of subjects when shooting more than half-length portrait, often do not know what hands should be placed in position well, then can give her some props, hand held, will not find it difficult. Hand in the picture is not significant, however, if placed properly, would undermine the overall effect of the picture. Such as glasses, scarves, hats and so on, does not make the viewer aware of either Special props, but also achieve the effect of the use of props.
Professional model, without the aid of props, such as hands on his hips, pockets or by a belt can show more curves. Hands held in front are also good ways to create change, suitable for pure performance comparison subjects. Ways to use on her lap is not a panacea, but used well can produce very good results. When shooting half standing portrait, these methods may not be ideal, both hands or one hand stroking the hair you can easily create a bust of a large number of changes. Chin propped on hand for quiet subjects may approach. Let the subjects arms in their hands, seem mature.
Sometimes it does not make the subject always stood helpless on the ground, good use of trees, walls can also produce many changes can be relied upon. Surface wall supports with his hand against the wall. (Pay attention to the hand position, not too prominent and disturbing Visual) can also be the side against the wall, causes the body to produce changes. An arm for supporting the body can serve as a good way to create a curve. With his back against the wall can all rely on steady, or by his hand, leaning forward. Vice versa traction with his arm to support the actions of the body would do well to show the subject's body.
Posture changing, hand movements are varied, and changes in any of the major joints of the body, is likely to bring a new feel, greet wedding photography should be full of hand. For example: when a hand into my pocket when, the exposed portion of the finger to be appropriate.
If the hand does not look good, and the close-up without hand feel screen space that allows subjects of empty fist, Palm of the hand to put on the face side. (Such as the earlobe), care should be taken not to reveal the thumb fingers. BACK
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