Network spreading small day "wedding photography"

Circulating on the Internet of the actor Yin Xiaotian "wedding photography", in fact, only his new stills.
Last week, the actor suddenly Xiaotian Yin blog posted an article titled my blog is getting married, its content is very short: "the good news, I'm getting married! We may be confusing, but it's true, you fans, bless us, Oh! "Along with a" photo ".
Fans of this blog not only allows small surprise Xiaotian Yin I do not even know about it. Original printed small day blog has been hacked, passwords were stolen, the marriage messaging is imaginary. And when the post was deleted the next day, the blog is black again, the same blog post again in the small days.
On March 31, Yin Xiaotian, I issued a statement on its blog, said in a statement: "over the weekend, my blog out of the post I wanted to marry, I solemnly declare that this blog was not written by me, the message is a pure fabrication. Message telling the world to get married, and my groom but I don't know, it's funny! The news also brought some troubles I live and work, many friends called to ask what was happening. Surprised me the most is, I heard some fans got the hacker and I note, the language is bad. I am very angry about this! "
Yesterday, reporters from small day on the blog to see many fans wish printed small days later to happiness. Netizen "Yue hi" messages saying: "don't let negative emotions affect your mental attitude. Negative news such as fertilizer to nourish your soul. ”

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