Wedding photography industry's innovative business model

Wedding Photography Studio: Butler Service wins a VC
In 2007, Beijing overtones of the photography industry Studio was a United Kingdom company venture capital and the United States the largest wedding Web proxy of the Chinese side. Its pattern is with Butler service concept locking customized marriage market, the network promotion and Word of mouth spread to attract customers, the subsequent marriage management tools help launch new online wedding planning, line through Beijing's regional branch in the Studio to provide high-end wedding services.
Wedding photos "Reprints" oil painting
Shanghai digital painting company founded by three college students have received 3 million venture. It is mainly aimed at the wedding photography market, wedding photography to dibon made oil painting, digital painting software photo "copied" into oil painting effect, the introduction of innovative anniversary. College students ' science and technology foundation in charge of investment, they can get venture, mainly for finding the potential market is hot.
Japan's biggest listed wedding company:
1954 Hua Depei group in Japan was set up Japan's largest listed wedding company, now become the world's top wedding companies.
Wedding dress, photography, wedding planning, ceremonies, wedding cars, Secretary of the bride wedding related links all together, constitute a large and complete wedding Empire.
Totally high end, Hua Depei above each link will provide high end for new people to enjoy, such as specifications, the standard of meals, hotel MC personnel is quite high. Moreover, it is also big in the beautiful scenery of the world and fashion metropolis built numerous churches, stately homes, resorts, designed for couples wedding purposes.
Of course, these are charging a lot of money.
However, it is the most distinctive service overseas wedding products, cooperation with the tourism industry, that is for the couple to build overseas wedding.
Its experience is, to marry abroad probably to about 10 the number of peers (including newcomers) most, followed by newcomer 2 people alone, while more than 60 friends and relatives there are many peer. In short, overseas weddings attract tourists not only are new 2, there's more peer visiting friends and relatives; through many people visiting and make price increase, import new customers for a tourist destination, also make their own benefit.
Had cooperation with Hua Depei of Mrs King Zhou Shengjun, President of the group said he was optimistic about overseas wedding area, he said that after growing out of upscale wedding is likely to be a new model: new people alone in the overseas wedding ceremony, incidentally, wedding, honeymoon, and then back home again thank you wedding.
Wedding DM Magazine: enable consultative sales
Founded in Shanghai in 2004 of the public would like, with Japan's wedding magazine ZEX y collaboration seeks to provide the most comprehensive and the most complete wedding information. It is positioned to be "consultative sales", that is, magazines to publish the information, but not an ad agency, but the Guide wedding company through the indirect way to do consultative sales, which is different from other wedding magazine maximum.
However, this does not mean that magazines give up advertising market. In fact, its advertising volume for each phase are more than million, put on the advertising of the company is the largest wedding venues and wedding, wedding photography, wedding dress, hotel and tourism, beauty salons and other uniform category.
This magazine in addition to the main retail distribution channels, and secondary distribution. At the marriage registry office Civil Affairs Bureau, hotel, wedding photo studio, beauty shops and other places display the magazine, expansion Magazine profile, giving the reader. BACK
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