Wedding photography photographers avoid impulse

1, and wedding photography is not simple of one-time consumption, in Studio orders usually are is agreed package Hou also to has many increases link, like makeup medicine with of fake lashes, and Ann bottle and so on, selected clothing also has may faced clothing of upgrade, and photos purchase film, and added buy album and so on, this are is new in shooting process in the produced of costs, so again appointment Qian must to on whole shooting process and late may produced of costs do detailed understand, then appointment.
2, recommends that the impulse to hold all kinds of show Studio promotional appointment or street photography. Generally at this time because people are more impulsive, more people consulted with, but their knowledge is lacking, if the urge to order, it is likely to suffer heavy losses.
3, carefully make a deposit when signing up, not more. In accordance with the law, the deposit cannot exceed a maximum rate of 20%. Also agreed terms one by one with business before setting out, make a written agreement.
4, false promises, lack of good faith. Some wedding photography studio for attract customer, using some consumers or celebrity image for advertising publicity, special to "Thanksgiving new, offers big bargain" "shop celebrates", various activities for name, make some "fake discount" "fake offers", to consumers made all attractive of oral commitment, once both signed agreement, they of service on will big discount, cannot do has Connaught will practice. Also be careful. Must go asking. BACK
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