Analysis of wedding photography studio market visibility

Young people choose wedding favor mini wedding photography studio, why the Studio is more popular in the market as a whole, we analyze.
1. the exterior of fresh and natural personality is the Studio's greatest strength. I think a lot of new people will choose the Studio shooting, of which a large part of the reason is because identical Studio photograph taken out less, location under new more relaxed casual photographers inspiration enough. So a lot of people would go to the pictures said the Studio lot in with almost the same, same background the same shape, the only difference is the new face. But this is rarely heard on the Studio, after all, nature has more room, we play increases.
2. the natural and varied natural scenery was the Studio's second advantage. Just because Studio win with location, so you can set your favorite season Studio to photograph the nature of change. If you like blooming flowers, you can choose the spring shoot; if you like the green of summer, you can choose the summer shooting if you like autumn leaves, you can choose the autumn shoot; and, if you like snow, you can select the winter shooting. Different seasons have different points of view, which style is set at which season do you like shooting.
3. Select is the Studio's third multiple shooting line keys. We know that if a studio shot, locations are generally only in Nanjing, and are generally chosen to lovers ' Garden, the mausoleum and the regular attractions. But if you select in work room shooting of words on not as has, now many home work room are launched has outside took service, like is can to Sanya, and sunshine took Seaview wedding, can to Anhui took emblem type style, some even also can to more far of place, like is Lijiang, and Qingdao Lake and so on, how big of select space is very meet new people of requirements does?
4. lower prices or the price, is the Studio's biggest trick. In General, the Studio prices fixed, flexibility is not very big, even if it is low season or wedding fair events, will not take out special offers, may at best be on the frame or add some photos. By contrast, some Studio is much more flexible, not only prices negotiable, in the set of elements can also be adjusted, very affordable, the wedding itself is a huge expense, can save some is good. BACK
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