Newcomer how to distinguish between wedding photography and samples

Small series have made a distinction between "samples" and "passenger" concept and method.
Small argued that so-called "demos" and "guest" the essential difference is photos of the bride and groom in lens performance desire and performance. Professional model, actress through a system of training, so their lens is the average consumer cannot have. For example: models, actresses make a very laborious, but revealed a relaxed, natural smile on her face, this is the embodiment of their performing skills, but this is the average consumer does not have the skill!
Therefore, we distinguish between "customer" and "samples" when the main is that ordinary consumers can not achieve the lens in the picture, to put it plainly, that is, ordinary consumers can take out or similar effects. If the bride and groom in the works of desire or performance is particularly strong, light, background or work hard to replicate, we define it as "sample". In addition, we define consultation room confirmation. BACK
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